Sunday, May 18, 2014

Are You a Gentile?

Dear Family and Friends,

I have had the most incredible week of my life.  Why?  Because We had President Lawrence, President of the Eastern European Area come and speak to us in a MASSIVE congregation of every member from the western part of Ukraine.  That's right.  A congregation of (I would estimate) nearly 300 people.  BLAM!  You would not believe the ruckus that was made by the members in L'viv.  It was a time of much rejoicing, and a time to show us just how powerful the members of Ukraine really are.  This is an awesome time to be a missionary.
Imagine this;  Every missionary in our mission had been spending weeks organizing their branches... preparing... reminding... baking banana bread and handing out flowers -- all in the hopes of getting every member, investigator, and random person who was interested would show up to L'viv for a massive spiritual uplift.  

It was a success.
I love that.

Directly after this wonderful 2 hour conference, the members returned to their homes on the big ol' buses that they showed up in.  Then, it was our turn to be educated -- The Mission conference had begun!

I learned so much.  I can't even begin to describe the incredible things I learned about the House of Israel....  Just so you know, the patriarchal blessing is one of the GREATEST THINGS I EVER GOT.  It's amazing what I didn't even know about myself until some serious scripture study, in depth reading... and even then, Sister Lawrence rocked my whole understanding of the Gospel just by explaining the House of Israel.  Fair enough to say, nobody has studied this topic enough yet.   Are you a Gentile!?  The answer may surprise you.  HA!

Speaking of which, I thought I should tell you just what kind of people Ukraine has to offer.  It was reported that Ukrainian members have been found from EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE TRIBES OF ISRAEL.  That's right.  Don't know where the 10 lost one's went?  They really did go to the land north ;)  Elder Hadfield (my new companion) and I have taken it upon ourselves to ask the members around us what tribes they are from.  We've found that the claim is true.  So... yeah. 

South american can have the Lamanites.
We'll just work with the 10 Lost Tribes ;)

But like I said, it's kinda hard to describe everything I learned.  Basically, the General Authorities and their wives are in their callings for a reason.

In other news,  Elder Hadfield is a contacting BEAST.  I have never talked to so many people in my life.  Lutsk is filled with incredible people, and having a REALLY TALL companion with a sincere disposition makes having conversations really easy!  I am going to love this transfer, I can already feel it.

I got yelled at by an Old Ukrainian Lady for not coming over to beat her rugs... I didn't understand what she wanted from me over the phone.  The other Elder's explained it to me later...not the first time I got in trouble for not understanding what people are saying.

A man just talked to me in nearly perfect English, and I invited him to our English practice.
That happened about 2 minutes ago.  Contacting is magic all of a sudden.  I attribute it to new blood in the district :)

We have a set up appointment with a potential investigator every day for the rest of this week already.  Wow.  Can you see the contrast that's going on!?

Needless to say, all is going well here in Ukraine, and the work is picking up.  People are great, and even though I'm a really weak person who can barely speak Ukrainian, the Lord is getting his work done, and I'm privileged to be a part of it!

I love you all so very much! 
I pray for you and hope for the best!

Elder LeBaron

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