Sunday, July 20, 2014

Old Folks Home

Ican't get over how witty that title is.
I will explain shortly.

So, this week was pretty darn cool. 
First of all, you need to know a little bit of info:  I was on exchanges with Elder Millard last transfer, and I got him to finally tell me about what his favorite desert from back home is.  He told me it was strawberry rhubarb pie.  I thought, "Okay, heck no.  I'm not making that. That sounds hard."  and kind of jokingly said that if he got me a recipe, I would make it for him.  But then... he got me the recipe.
This week started out by me baking a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie on p-day for Elder Millard, who's birthday is actually in a few days.    
How we got this rhubarb is a miracle actually.  You see, we were on the street, contacting people, not really making a whole lot of friends... when we met a guy named Sanya.  I know. Weird name for a guy.  It's short for Alexander here.  Anywho, he said that he'd be into chatting with us some time, and gave us his number.  FAST FOREWARD!!  We call Sanya to meet with us, and he says that he's bringing us a surprise from his Dacha (house that is not in the city).  Sure enough, he shows up with rhubarb.  
The thing is, I don't know the first thing about rhubarb, or how long it stays fresh...  so I decided to make it as soon as I possibly could.
ANYWHO!! PIE.  I made one.  You know when Nephi was commanded to build a boat, but had no clue how to make a boat?  Well... I'm not drawing any parallels or anything... but... yeah.  The miracles just seem too crazy to be coincidental.
Unfortunately, this whole incident did not mean that Sanya became an investigator.  In fact, whe only really could keep communication with him long enough for him to give us rhubarb.  Darn.

Okay, so then the rest of this week.  We at the pie at district meeting, and it was amazing.  I have been given a surprise gift on my mission that I'm really excited about, just so you all know.

Now the title -- We spent our last weekend with the other Elder's, because we needed to do exchanges with them for this transfer, and we don't have any hot water in our apartment.  These two are part of the oldest group in the mission, and therefore, old folks.  It was a lot funnier when I typed it up at first.  I chuckled about it for a solid 2 minutes.  What happened to my sense of humor....

I digress.  It was incredible to spend some time with these two.  Elder Millard knows how to work, plan, and go about doing good.  It's become a part of who he is, and he's taught me a lot.  Elder Ward may as well be a Ukrainian.  His language skills are incredible, and he has no problem expressing what he wants to say.  His gospel knowledge is nearly flawless, and I really look up to him in that respect a lot.  We've learned a lot from them.  I mean, we spent 4 days over there... so I'm hoping something about being an excellent missionary rubbed off on my somehow!

I've been thinking a lot about goals, and about succeeding.  I think that it's been very therapuedic for me to really dig down inside and think about what I really want to accomplish out here, and who I can help.  

The best goal I could think of is just to do what Heavenly Father wants me to do.  Follow all the rules, keep the commandments, and do my best. 

D&C 123:16-17.  This my favorite scripture.  It really encompasses what I think I'm striving for.  I hope you all can find something enlightening from it as well!

Keep studying your scriptures,
Keep saying your prayers.
Keep loving your neighbours,
I know God really cares.

Elder LeBaron

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