Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Family and Friends,
I can't quite describe just how much I LOVE the MTC.  Being a missionary is awesome, and I'm not even really being a proselyting missionary yet!  The best is yet to come!
My companions and I are working hard to try and get a handle on this language, and we've seen some awesome improvements on learning!  I'm just really glad that our teachers are so supportive and helpful.  I know that Heavenly Father put this plan into action, and all I've got to do is put in the work.  There's a whole lot that needs to get done in Ukraine, Russia, and the Baltics altogether.  If you don't believe me, check out D&C 133 26(ish... I don't have scriptures in front of me right now).  We're just lookin for some "Prophets from the north". 
I honestly haven't eaten this well in my whole life. If it weren't for Elder Carr (an Elder in my zone going to the Baltics Mission) going running with me during gym time, I'd actually be putting on some weight!  I don't think that I'll ever eat this well.... ever again.  I'm savoring every moment of it.  Believe me.
We had the chance to listen to Elder Cook, and listen to the BYU men's chorus this past week.  Now THAT was awesome.  Elder Cook talked about how we need to present ourselves to Heavenly Father, so that we can become his tools in performing this work.  He told a story about how he overheard a little boy he heard on his mission say to his mother, "Mommy, are those real missionaries??"  Being a missionary is 100% love with an additional 100% working and 200% patience.  Overall, you should be operating at 400% the capacity of a human being.  Heavenly Father actually makes that possible when we submit ourselves to his will, and honestly try to serve the people who need this message.  It's starting to click in my brain... I just have a lifetime of practice to go!
The BYU men's chorus sang a couple of songs that were great.  They sound good!  I was happy to have something to listen to and not have to memorize it!  One song really touched my heart; He Ain't Heavy.   IF YOU HAVE NOT HEARD THIS SONG, you haven't heard the real meaning of missionary work.  Missionaries get one ultra blessing, and that's a strengthened backbone.  We are sent out into the world to help people shoulder their burdens long enough for them to find rest with the Lord.  Find someone to help this week, with whatever their problem is, and keep this in mind, "He ain't heavy, he's my brother".
I love you all! I appreciate the letters and packages!  You're all such a huge support, and I know that I've been given hope to push through some hard days already!  I'll keep you all in my prayers and heart. 
I also am requesting a Christmas present.  I NEED pictures (according to my MTC Teacher) of my friends and family.  It's a huge trust builder in Ukraine to invite someone to see your friends and family, and to explain your relationship with them.  Ukrainians love to see strong relationships and it helps invite the spirit when getting to know someone.  I need pictures of everyone.  Send them please! :)
I'll try to figure out some way to send pictures of what I'm up to... I haven't quite figured that out yet.
Much love,

Elder LeBaron

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