Saturday, December 28, 2013

Family and Friends,
I'm so happy about all the things everyone is telling me about back home!  Everyone seems to be doing very very well! I love every single one of you, and it's great to hear that everyone is feeling the blessings of this wonderful season! 
I've gotten a whole lot of great reminders of love over this past little while!  Thank you all for the packages, letters, and other types of goodies that I've received! You'll never know how great it is to have people back home who care!
As far as my MTC training goes, it's been great.  I've lost count of how many lessons we've taught in Ukrainian now.  It hasn't gotten any easier to teach in this language, but it has gotten a bit more fun!  Fluency in this language is a huge hurdle that I'm going to have to jump.  It's more like a mountain actually... that I'm climbing REALLY SLOWLY.   I'm glad to know that the Lord called me to do this, because otherwise, I wouldn't be quite sure if I'd even be able to!
It's amazing, because I'm looking at my 4th training week.  This means that I only have 5 more training weeks before I'm shipped to the other side of the world!  Our zone leader is going to have to leave in just a week... which means they're probably going to reassign leadership soon.  It's kind of sad to think about preemptively, because I think of all the fun I've had being District leader!  I know that there's only 3 of us, but I quite being deeply involved with the other missionaries. 
Our zone is celebrating Christmas the best way that anyone could;  A makeshift tree composed of a suitcase, a blanket, and an assortment of whatever else we can find that may or may not be festive. I added my flower that Dad and Robyn sent me, and that little bear made of nuts from Grandma and Grandpa LeBaron.  On top, is the Canadian Flag, courtesy of Elder Ferbey.  HE GOT MAPLE SYRUP FOR CHRISTMAS!  FROM CANADA! He's so Canadian. 
Elder Carr and I got the chance to sing hymns together, which invited the spirit into our dorm rooms.  After my companions finished with their naps, and I finally submitted to my language study, we all sat around and played UNO as a zone.  Elder Carr won almost every single time.  He's a sneaky little man. I never won once, but I blame it on Elder Nielson, I think, counting cards.  Trust no one. ;)
We're in for some really cool devotionals tonight and tomorrow.  We're going to be hearing from Two members of the Quorum of The Twelve!  I AM SO EXCITED.  Notebook; Check.  Pen; Check.  Notes? they'll be priceless.
In other news, I got giant, comfy sweats.  They are huge.  And I love them.
I also love you all!  Your letters are appreciated, as well as your emails!  I love to make full use of my email time!
I trust the Lord is watching over each and every one of you!
Have a very Merry Christmas!

з різдвом!!!
старійшина LeBaron

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