Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Might Miracle, and A Whole Lot of Endurance

Hey family and friends!
This week has not brought a whole lot to report, unfortunately.
We've been trying to implement the techniques that we learned at Zone Conference about contacting and working with members.  We have found little success.  I think this may have been one of the hardest weeks so far, but I'm not down and out yet!  It can be tough when everyone you try to talk with wants nothing to do with you.  The trick, however, is to remember what exactly you are trying to share with your Brothers and Sisters out there!
We've got the message of salvation, and we've been so blessed because of it!  We're out here to share, and that's exactly what I intend to do!  So, with that, there is a whole new week ahead of us, and I'm seeing a lot of potential!  We've got some great members in the Branch here, and we've got plans to help them get their friends and family all involved with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  
Our recent convert, the 13 year old boy, is going to receive the Priesthood soon, and we showed him  He's stellar!
Then, our other recent convert, the older man who was baptized when I first got here to Lutsk, has been called as a Sunday school teacher!  He's phenomenal.  For his lesson on the Organization of the Priesthood, he looked up the lineage and biographical facts about Melckezidek (if I spelled that wrong, nobody judge me.  It's hard).  He probably even knows how to spell that word right.  I love him, and he's been a huge example to me of what kind of member I want to be some day myself!  What a guy!
So, we've started teaching this man who is a sports photographer for a big soccer team in eastern Ukraine.  He was the man we found out of the miracle at the Hospital.  Well, long story short, his cell phone doesn't work anymore, and we couldn't get a hold of him to remind him when we were meeting.  He didn't show up, and we didn't know when the next time we could see him would be!  FAAAAAAST FORWARD A FEW DAYS.  Elder Peterson and I were at the church, trying to plan out what to do next (because of the fact that we're having a hard time finding people to teach), when who walks in but BAM our miracle investigator!  We hastily, and rather unexpectedly, taught him the Plan of Salvation.  He told us about times he thinks he has been led by the Holy Ghost, which were some pretty awesome experiences.  He asked about Baptism, and we are pretty certain that the next time we meet, we can get him to have a settled date for when he wants to be baptized himself!  
So, yeah,
Lutsk is great, and I have a lot of hope for this place!
Just gotta keep our heads up, and keep our feet moving.
Being a missionary is great!

I love you all,
Elder LeBaron

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