Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hello Family and Friends!
This week has been awesome (like always)!  We've been working hard here, in Lutsk.  I'm just absolutely loving the fact that it's sunny out, and everyone is outside enjoying this fantastic weather!  I'm not even wearing my massive overcoat for once!  WHOO!
A rather dissapointing theme of this week has been the continuation of people agreeing to meet with us... and then never showing up.  This can be a frustrating thing, but at the same time, it's a huge motivator to keep searching for those who are sincerely searching for the Gospel of Christ! 
We have, however, found TONS of small ways to serve those around us!  
As we were walking down the road, I saw this little old man with 3 big bags that he had managed to get up onto the curb.  His last step, was getting himself up onto the curb.  He was just kind of sitting there.... staring at it.  I stopped, and in UKRAINIAN (someone please be proud of me!) Asked him if there was anyway we could help.  I didn't understand his response (Doh.) Elder P. Did though, and he explained to me that we were now going to be helping this man move 3 bags filled with bottles for him.  Now... this is where I really got confused... because he only asked us to move them about 10meters, and then asked us to put them down.  He was REALLY grateful though!  I'm still confused as to what his intention was... since the bottle return was nowhere near where we stopped, but he gratefull shook our hands and bid us "Good health, boys! Thank you!"
We (on this same walk) saw an old woman gathering sticks from the path in the back woods near the river.  We commonly used this path as a shortcut to the church, and generally didn't see a whole lot of people using it.  We stopped, and helped her move all of her branches (which I had assumed would be firewood or for something useful)... to the side of the road... where we dumped them and left them. She was really grateful for this favor(?).  She took a Book of Mormon though, and was so happy that we stopped to help her out, even though we were "dressed so nicely".  She was really sweet.
Since we haven't got a whole lot of investigators who are progressing now, we've been trying to get more people to work with!  ONTO THE STREETS WE GO!
There are a lot of different people in cities like this, and it is SO COOL to be out and talking with the lot of them.  What a great experience this is!  I love being a missionary.
Transfers happened... I get to stay with my trainer, which is cool.  There were 3 missionaries who left though, and I loved each of them, so it was sad to see them go! I loved working with them!  I hope I get the chance to work with them again too!
I've been studying "Jesus the Christ" a lot lately, and trying to learn more about the Savior.  It's nice to have all the information layed out and to understand factual instances and logical patterns of our Savior's incredible role our salvation... but I've found more solace lately in prayer.  Honestly and truly, I feel more personally close to Heavenly Father through those prayers where I just pour out my whole heart.  The scriptures are so incredible, and really contain the words of life!  I love studying the Gospel, and I've found that it's really these primary answers that brings about our continuing conversion to it.
Challenge; Keep up the prayers, and pour out your heart sincerely to your Father in Heaven! He wants to hear you! 
Then, open the scriptures.  Really dig into them, searching for answers, comfort, and direction.  You will find things which you have never known before, and messages that feel like they are meant just for you!
Because asking and knocking is how we open up the windows of Heaven in order to behold the great and marvelous light therein!
I know that this is true, because I've done it for myself.  It's amazing!
Much love,
You are all in my prayers, and I wish you the best,
Elder LeBaron

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