Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Search Begins Again!

Hello, to one and all!
It's been a pretty interesting week.
We got to L'viv late on Wednesday night, and I was introduced to our 2 new Elders from Kiev.  Both of them are very impressive young men.  We had very little time in the evening to talk and get to know one another, so we just got ready for bed.  It was good to see a lot of my favorite missionaries there (Which was almost everyone, considering how few Elders we actually have in our mission).  
The next day, we were with our trainees.  We got to the branch building in L'viv, and there had a little training sesson for the 4 of us.  The trainers got taken aside, and we talked long and carefully about our responsibilities and how to help these new missionaries get along. 
It overall is an interesting experience, being with a native companion.  In a lot of ways, I feel like he is training me!  He knows the culture, the people, the language, and even has a good grasp on the Church Culture, being born and raised in the church in Kiev where the church has been for awhile now.  I'm in charge of the hardest part... learning how to live like a missionary.  It's a whole new ball-game people, trying to teach someone about something you struggle yourself with.  It's a great teaching tool that the Lord uses.  It's ironic, and it's effective.
Finding new investigators has been REALLY ROUGH.  I feel like we always come back to this seemingly hopeless search every single transfer.  I think I accidently contacted 8 drunk people the other day with Elder Rubliuk.  In our nightly prayer, he prayed that Heavenly Father would, "Make drunk people stay as far away from us as physically possible".   I had to REALLY try hard to stop myself from laughing out loud.
He prays in English a lot of the time, because I pray in Ukrainian.  His english is pretty darn good, and he's working really hard to learn as much of it as he can from me.  I could definitely learn a lesson about dilligence from him about language study!
I've had an incredible experience this week with casting one's cares upon the Lord.  Obviously, I'm not the most amazing missionary in the world.  I've got a lot to work on.  I already was aware of that.  Now, Heavenly Father gave me a lot more chances to minister, and work for the benefit of my brothers and sisters.  The only problem is, I see my own weaknesses blindingly gleaming as I stumble about trying to get everything done right, and on time.  Many times this past week, I have dropped down on my knees and begged for help with the things that need to get done. I've prayed just to give thanks. I've prayed for miracles.  I've prayed for blessings.  I've prayed for just about everything I could possibly think of.  The only thing that has helped me is putting a smile on my face, and just going out with one thought -- "If the Lord wants it done, He will get it done.  All I have to do is listen and do."
My cares at certain points of the day have completely melted away through giving them up for the sake of just doing what Heavenly Father would want.  
I may not know a whole lot, but I do know one thing;
Heavenly Father loves us, and so doing what He says can only help.
I love you all a lot.
I pray for you often as well, and hope for your success and happiness.
Heavenly Father loves you.
I promise!
Elder LeBaron

(Sorry, pictures next week... I hope....)​

-- Старійшина ЛеБерон

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