Sunday, September 21, 2014

We Get Things Done.

Dear Friends and Family,

This week has been pretty cool.  Have we seen a lot of success?  Well, actually, a WHOLE lot more! 
We got in contact with a potential investigator from our formals -- and here's the best part -- It's a FAMILY!!! I want nothing more than to teach families.  My companion is probably getting sick of me harping on us needed to call and contact families.  We're working our best on it.
Elder Rubliuk and I found a new investigator!  We have been working pretty hard in the Area Book, and we finally got a meeting with a cool guy named Serhiy.  He drives one of the public transport buses in town, and he's way down to earth.  He's your typical crazy buff Ukrainian bus driver with a steel chain cross dangling from his neck... but somethig extra -- He speaks completely in Russian.  Chance would so have it that my new friend Elder Rubliuk actually uses Russian at home.  He not only CAN speak in russian, but it's the language in which he thinks.  So that's pretty cool. It makes Serhiy much more open to talking with us.  Miracles people! I've been working with Elder Rubliuk on all of the material that trainers are supposed to work with trainees on, and I get to see him put it into real time action on lessons. It's actually pretty awesome.  I love this! 
This week, I've come to find that there are SO many chances for us to help those around us.  As we go about our day, we might even miss some of these vital experiences.  Do you realize how critical it is that we are looking to serve every day?  Think of all of the people in this world who could be benifitted if every single latter-day saint got on their knees, and prayed that Heavenly Father would show them every opportunity to serve someone else that day... and then ACTED on it!  The world would be a way better place, and SO MANY people would have great interactions with our church.  A lot of members think that Missionaries are the only ones who go around preaching the gospel every day, but in reality, it's every single member of the church.  Through your actions, you could bring the next person you come in contact to back to Heavenly Father.  That's a big responsibility, and it's an incredible gift!

I don't have a lot of crazy stories to report in this email... sorry.  Just a big thought about how important it is to give 100% effort in everything that we do.  Heavenly Father gave us this life to use it as best as we could.  100% in my mind doesn't mean we do it perfect, is just means that we give it our all.  In order to show our appreciation for what we're given, we ought' to really dig in, and show what we're made of!  I love thinking about the gospel that way.  It's a challenge, and it's an adventure!

I love you all!

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