Monday, October 6, 2014

The Week of the Sick

I have a lot of things that I love in this world...

But being sick is far from one of those things.....

Hey Family and Friends! 

So, this week was an interesting enough one.  I have a pretty hefty immune system -- he can handle a lot of abuse.  I eat things that I shouldn't, I play sports in the rain, I even sometimes sleep with a draft because it's too toasty.   I have never gotten sick on my mission... before this week that is.
One thing about Ukrainian culture is that everyone has a HUGE fear of getting sick.  It stems from some historical reasons relating back to the U.S.S.R.  Me, being who I am, and having  native companion, makes this an interesting subject of conversation between us.

"Elder LeBaron, cover your head.  The rain is bad."
"What?  A little rain never hurt any one."
"The rain is different in Ukraine.  Nuclear Energy Plants."
"That's not a real thing *eye roll*"
"I will not be going at your funeral!"

Two days later -- coughing, moaning, sniffling, running a fever, wrapped up in a blanket... and confined to working in the area book. 

I still wouldn't mark myself as one of the believers of this mystical nuclear rain.... but whatever.  I don't want to get sick anymore.
It doesn't help when your companion gets the same bug from you a day later, and glares at you grudgingly, muttering over and over "If you just were to be listening to me... I would not have this sick...."

Well, we're all better now.  It just basically took us off of the streets for 2 days.  Nothing huge.  We still got a lot of good things done.

We got ahold of 2 former investigators finally from the area book, and got them to agree to come to church and meet with us!  We even had a luncheon for the branch set up, and two members were opening mision calls in front of the branch! 

But... those 2 decided to skip out on us.  [Insert loving comment here about peoples moral agency.] BUT HEY! 51 people at sacrament meeting!  Su-WEET!

Our investigator Serhiy is at his mom's birthday party today, so we won't be meeting with him either.  It's been a few weeks since he's been able to meet with us at all, but he said that he's been "Little by little" reading the Book of Mormon.  Woooo!

OH!  One of the young men from the branch here in Ivano-Frankivsk is going to be serving in Kiev next month, and the other is going to Londn England in January.  Pretty cool!  The funny part is that they both are going to have to learn english! HA!

We're going to L'viv again this thursday for a special training for all of the Mission Leadership...  Wooooo!  One more time!  I swear, they don't leave us in our area for more than 2 weeks in a row!  It's okay though, because I have a lot of questions and concerns for the whole finding new investigators and adapting to local circumstances.  You know, with winter coming, and us not being allowed to tract, I'm a little bit concerned there...
We'll just have to wait and see!

I would send you all wonderful pictures of our adventures, but alas, the USB adapter at every internet club in this city seems to be broken....

The search continues -- yet I fear it shall be in vain.   I wouldn't get super excited for any of those bad boys [aka- pictures] for another transfer here... we will see.

I've heard rumors that this next transfer, due to the fact that we are losing LOTS of missionries, almost EVERYONE in the mission will be getting moved around.  Elder Rubiuk may on go halfway through training with me!  Oh buddy!  Fingers crossed that we get left alone :)

Love you all very much!
I hope that you have a great week.
Keep praying, reading, and spending time with your family, and I'm sure that your week will be great by default :)

Elder LeBaron

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