Monday, November 10, 2014

L'viv and Back -- A Missionary's Tale

The title is a lot more interesting than my week was,

HA! sorry.

We just went to L'viv for another mission conference.  I swear we have those once every month now.  President just reemphisized the 19 points of missionary work that we are focusing on in our mission, and we had a great time learning and discussing methods for finding more families to teach in each of our respective cities, and work with the members who are already here.

Ivano is a great city!  I love this place THIIIIIS MUCH! *Arms extended wide*. 
I wish that I had a whole lot of interesting stories to let you in on for our week, but we didn't have a whole lot happen here.  It's been cold, and it's been humid.... like always.

One EXCELLENT highlight of our week... with a bittersweet sting -- Orest Rubitsky left for his mission yesterday!  It's so cool to see young men like him head off on the coolest adventure every.  He was so excited.  Many members from the Branch went to the train station to bid him off as he departed to L'viv, where he will serve for a few days, and then  be shipped of to Madrid for training.   He'll be an incredible missionary.
The bittersweet sting comes from knowing that Orest was one of our most helpful members in planning and running activities... 
Take good care of him Kiev.  He's golden.

Cool little miracle for you all --
Last night, we planned to meet with an african man who we had contacted who wanted a Book of Mormon in english. We dug through the library, found the book --- but he didn't pick up his phone... so after we had done most of our things there, we set out onto the street to get home, packing the Book in our bag.  Street contacting after dark is very difficult, since Ivano is so poorly lit.  Most people think that I'm CIA as it is, and when you have two figures dressed in big black coats approach you in the night, it tends to make you a little less inclined to have a friendly conversation with them about Jesus.
As we walked up to a small cross-walk area, we found ourselves under one of the few street lights to be found.  Suddenly, a small -- clearly not ukrainian -- man came into the light as well.  I blurted out one of the biggest "Hello"'s of my life.  Not sure where it came from.  The man stopped and greeted us like we were old friends.  He told us his name was John, and that he was from India.  He's here for medical school, and that he is a Christian.  We instantly pulled out one of the most christian books we had on us... and the only book we had with us in english -- BOOK OF MORMON!  It was the craziest coincidence.
We're planning on going over to his house tonight to teach him the first lesson. 

God's pretty much the coolest.  He makes lots of good things happen, even from where you don't expect them.... like from India, on a dark poorly lit street in Ukraine.

You all keep doing what you need to do!
Be good, wash your faces, and brush your teeth.

And study the scriptures ALWAYS!
They're the word of God, people.


Elder LeBaron​

-- Старійшина ЛеБерон

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