Monday, March 2, 2015

Welcome to Chernivtsi

Oh boy, Have I had a crazy 4 days.

You know something about white-washing here?
It's terrifying, and exciting.
It's even better when you are white-wash training.

My companion now is a very serious, small, straight-minded young man from Kiev.  Elder Trokhymenko.  It's my goal this week to make him break into a smile as often as I can get it out of him... I think that says enough about him as far as a sense of humor.  He knows the gospel like a champ though, and is ready to work very hard!  It's pretty impressive to see the motivation he has.
This is one of the few areas in our mission where we have 2 sets of Elders who aren't traveling leadership (zone leaders/Assistants), and we have a set of sisters.  And a senior couple.  Talk about a blessed area!  The Branch Presidency = President Hawkins (senior missionary), Elder Ballif (1st councilour), and... Yours truly (second councilour).  We have very small numbers as far as active priesthood go...
I have been assured that Elder Ballif will be leaving at the end of this transfer, which will leave me as the sole translator, councilor, financist, and district leader.... so I've got a lot to learn.  This has also earned me a long sitting in this area.  Elder Ballif has been here for 7 months.  The Elder before him was also here 7 months.  Oh boy.  Here we go.

To top it all off, my companions baggage is somewhere in the baggage delivery system of Ukraine called Nova Poshta....  

His clothing options are limited, and he's been in a distressed tizzy for the past few days.  Training has been rough, and we're still learning about trust and humility... together.

That hasn't stopped the missionary work though!
This is one of the most active and focused districts that I've ever had the honor to be in.  I love this place already!

Well, I'm hoping to tell you more of our crazy adventures.  There are sure to be many!

I know that the Lord lives, and that this is His work.  We are here to save our great big family people!!

Yours Truly,

Elder LeBaron

​(pictures; Me with our Hebrew reading investigators Yelena and Lev (from lviv) -- Cool picture at a museum we went to today for P-day -- Cool looking Great and spacious building with gold roof...)

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