Sunday, March 9, 2014

Once upone a time...
Elder Peterson and Elder LeBaron were out on the streets of Lutsk, happily proselyting and smiling, because during planning, they had settled that they were going to teach an english lesson and have a member present lesson with their new investigator who had a baptismal date.  Suddenly, they recieved a phone call from their Zone Leaders that everyone needed to go home to the apartments, stop by a grocery store and get 2 days worth of food, and STAY INSIDE.   Nooooooo!!!!
We had to cancel our awesome lesson with Sasha!
I was going to actually going to be able communicate with Ukrainians! (We had the Advanced Class that night at English).
So much dissapointment!!
So inside we went... and inside we stayed for about 48-ish hours.  It wasn't anything that was WAY long, but it was incredibly inconvenient.  Why did this happen?  Because of political stuff.  That's really all I know...  Sorry to make that seem so much more intense than it actually is.  We have been out proselyting again, and though some of the material that we are allowed to distribute has been declared "against the rules", we also can't hand most anything out on the street... or go tracting...  We are still being missionaries!  A smile can go a long way, and many people have been coming up to us and talking to us of their own free will!  Just the other day, some random lady came up to us asking (in russian), "Hey, smoking is forbidden, right?  You're not allowed to smoke? It's bad, right?"  Luckily, Elder LeBaron remembered the Russian word for forbidden, and was able to respond in kind.  "No, smoking is not allowed.  It's bad." (Because I speak like a toddler, I'm probably the most graceful missionary that ever was).  She then insisted that we talk to her friend.  We invited them to church.  We also gave them a Restoration Pamphelt!  Cool times!
We also had a random man stop us, and in FLAWLESS (okay, broken, but it was understandable) ENGLISH, he asked us, "Hey boys!  Do you know the city "eldersburge" in the state of maryland??"  We both responded in the negative, and he instantly broke off communication with us and proceeded on his way.  What?? What is in Eldersburge? What does that mean!? Who are you random man?? I may never know.  I should have stopped him before he ran off.
Also, There was a wedding!  The groom is a member of the ward named Serhi, and he wanted his reception themed after - - BUM BUM BU BUM!!! - - FAMILY NIGHT!  
WHAT? Who does that?  I don't know, but the missionaries were SO EXCITED.  We all showed up, and we had a battle strategy to work this to our advantage.  He even, of his own free will, wanted to show two mormon messages about Marriage. What manner of man is this!?
They had this awesome ring ceremony that I didn't understand a word of... and then suddenly, out of nowhere, the Bride gets up, and starts this song on her ipod, and RAPS to her new husband.  SHE WROTE HIM A RAP.  HOW COOL IS THAT??  It was even cooler to me, because I got to hear what a rapping Ukrainian sounds like.  So cool.
Afterwards, we met a lot of cool people, I talked to the other Elder's investigator Dieter, who is from Germany.  He speaks a blend of Ukrainian, German, and English.  I understand him sometimes.  That's more than can be said for most of the other Elders.  Whoo hoo being useful!
Anywho, I just want to testify to you that I'm really being assured everyday that the Lord is preparing ways for us to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with our friends, neighbours, and family.  If you haven't already done it, get a chance with a ward mission leader, work with missionaries in your area, or just invite someone over for food and share a bit about your beliefs, and what you know (your testimony and witness are very powerful!).  Who doesn't like food?  And the Gospel? (Everyone really liked the idea at one point; Otherwise, they wouldn't be here on earth!) When they're combined, it's a win-win! If that sounds WAY to uncomfortable... well, it usually is a little bit uncomfortable at first.  That's okay though, because it'll be a great experience!  Just tell them how much you love the gospel! I love the gospel :)

I also love food.
Luckily, God gave us both :)
I love you all as well, and I pray for you constantly!  
Continue to be good examples!
Continue to smile often!
And continue to send me emails and such.  I love hearing about everyone!
Your's truly,
Elder LeBaron

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