Monday, December 8, 2014

Exchanges and A FACE FULL OF SNOW

I've decided that one of the greatest challenges of missionary work is this;  The Lord understandsthat moment of you falling absolutely in love with your area -- the members and your investigators and the city -- and then he says "GREAT!  You figured it out!  On to the next place!"  PHHHHFFFFTTTT.  Okay okay..  I'm done... *I'll go were you want me to go....*

I'm being transfered.


*shouts and screams*

And guess what else?
I'm an office elder.

What does that mean?  That means that I'm a normal missionary who works on the computer every once in a while.. basically.  I'm not sure what that really entails, but I'm sure I'll get trained on it.  I'm hoping that means that I'll get the chance to still be out and doing missionary work a lot.

The problem with this is that my trainee is just such a good missionary, that they are having him train now... and be the District Leader in Rivne...

So they are also white-washing our area. 

We've been trying to round up all of our investigators so that we can meet with them, say goodbye, and prep them for the next set of missionaries that will be coming and taking our place.  Mark my words, the next Elder's are going to be busy from the moment they get into the city!  BWAHAHAHA! 

We had lost contact with our nice indian friend named John (who I bonded with on the street because of our names), and that was a real downer.  We went to his house, but it was the wrong address.  We tried to call him, but our SATANIC PHONE devoured his number and it was lost to us.

I felt pretty down about having to leave Ivano, and I felt like I hadn't really accomplished everything that the Lord wanted from me... and so I knelt down and said a prayer, just asking him to help me make things right, and to feel okay about leaving. Then, later that night (sunday night), we were walking down the darkest street in the city practicing english a little bit.  (Part of training out here is working with Ukrainian missionaries on their English).  Suddenly, I hear a little foriegn voice shout "JON!  HEY!"  IT WAS OUR INDIAN FRIEND!  I've never seen a bigger smile in the whole world! It lit up the whole street.  HE's so nice. 
He invited us over to his house, and then we had the most awesome Restoration lesson of my life.  And then.... BLAMO!  We set up a baptismal date with him.  He said that one of his new years resolutions was to become closer to God.  I couldn't have found a better way for you to check-mark that box, my good friend :)
"You two are leaving on wednesday?  We could totally meet every day this week before you go!"
*Must force self to blink through the shock*
"Yes. That'd be cool :)"

SO yeah, the Lord answers everyone's prayers.

I love you all!

Take good care of yourselves!
My next email will be one week closer to CHRISTMAS!  AAAAAA CHRISTMAs!

Elder LeBaron

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