Monday, December 8, 2014

New Adventures

Hello everyone!

I'm doing great out here in Ukraine. 
I just got transfered to my new area in L'viv.  We live in an apartment in the back right corner, on the top floor, in a building that is about 30 minutes away from the center of the city (by bus).  We live far away.  This makes things kind of complicated for the Office Elders, considering that we spend a lot of time commuting to get our work done, but nothing really seems to be getting in our way so far.  It's been pretty interesting.  Needless to say, we stay busy.
We have one progressing investigator named Misha, who was actually found by our Zone Leaders on a bus ride from L'viv to Ivano Frankivsk (FRANKIVSK! YEAH BUDDY!)  I have no idea what he's like, because he's been in Ivano for the past few days that I've been here, but from what I hear, we're just meeting with him to pick a date for baptism.  He already has friends in the branch, and things are looking pretty bright.
Today, for P-day, we went with a less-active member to a Fencing tournament.  Apparently, it's some big deal in fencing...I didn't really get it.  But it was really cool to see people stabbing eachother with swords.  I think Brother Chewy (ha.... chewy...) really enjoyed it.  
L'viv is a big city.  I'm not used to big cities.  This is gonna take some time.  I feel lost on a constant basis, because every street is another architectural wonderland that gets me all distracted... Keep focused... keep focused...
We talked to some cool students from Nigeria on the Tramvay a few hours ago.  They were pretty cool, and then we talked to a man whospeaks english and works at the university as an economics and finance teacher.  Pretty cool.  I didn't even walk more than 2 feet.  Contacting in L'viv = a lot less walking aparantly.  
The Zone leaders are coming down tomorrow to start exchanges with us, and that should be pretty fun.  I'm hoping to build up a good list of potential investigators and get some people to work with.  This area is a tough one in our mission, but it doesn't have to stay that way.  The Lord will provide.

Well, I would just like to share something from my personal study--

Being selfish is no fun.

If you only care about yourself, then you will always find something to complain about.

Numbers Chapter 22--
I read the story of Balaam and his talking donkey... and I found some pretty interesting things about the story.  Mostly, in our reactions towards those who "get in our way".  I'd suggest that you all take some time to read that story, and pay special attention to the 3 different times that he beats his poor donkey for just trying to help him out.

Be patient with your fellow man, and seek to help others.  Selflessness = Happiness.

I love you all a lot!

Have a great week!

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