Monday, January 12, 2015

What Happened This Transfer?


I'm happy to say hi to you all.

Skyping with the family on the 25th was pretty cool. I got hit with the trunkiest wall of my entire life though... It's taking a lot of will power to push all thoughts from home out of my noggin.  Luckily, having a MILLION CRAZY THINGS happen helps a lot with that.

This transfer has gone so fast... it's like I barely even just started....

Our investigator, Volodymyr, has dissapeared off of the face of the earth.  We have no idea what happened to the guy.  He's not picking up the phone, and he didn't come to church this week!  He was communicating with us everyday and meeting with us all the time to try and quit smoking and get onboard with the word of wisdom and then... poof.  We're hoping that it just has something to do with him being with his family for the holidays... but that could also be bad, because we don't want him to hop back onto the "party train" and throw off all of his hard work to get clean!  
Hopefully he comes up soon...

We have a couple of great new potentials that are coming out of our formal lists -- The only problem is that the Christmas Season in this country lasts from the beginning of December all the way until Mid-January.  Every says "YES! I want to know more about Christ!  NO! I don't want to meet this month!"
*Sad shoulder shrug*
It's okay though, because salvation comes on the Lord's time, according to the faith of those with work with, and according to our faithful work :)

The office is.... well, it's definitely the office.  My latest project that I've gotten assigned is designing the departure Slideshow DVD's for the Departing missionaries.  *TRUNKY SHEILDS ACTIVATED*  It's kind of torturous from that point of view, ​ but fun from the idea that I'm making people something they'll have to remember for the rest of their lives.

But it's a mess.

Our power shut off in our apartment.  That's usually not a big problem...
Except we discovered that we have an Buglery Alarm system in our house.  Man, that thing was beeping relentlessly... and then, we call our landlord for the code,
"You must press dees buttonz; The 1, the 2, the 3, the 4, and then *Crazy russian words*"
"Push what?"
"Uh... The Star"
"Oh.. *Click*"  

It was a long night.
We had to put shoes in front of the sensors in the top corners, move our beds to the corner of the apartment, and not move too aggressively or make much noise.  We didn't want to anger it.  Elder Coumbs tried army crawling to the Kitchen.  That seemed to be the most effective mode of getting oneself some food in the night time.

It's just lots of fun living here :)

I love you all!
I hope that you all make some new-years resolutions and really stick to your new goals!
Try looking up the Christ-Like Attribute section in Preach my Gospel, and pick one of those to really focus in on this year!  I promise that as we grow closer to the Savior, we will become happier, cleaner, and ultimately prepared to return to our Father in Heaven.

I love you all, have a great new-years

Elder LeBaron

We were told that we will be staying inside all of new years, cleaning.
It's gonna be so CLEAN! LIKE A TEMPLE!  AHAHA!

I met some Australians.  Walter and Lucy.  
They're in Ukraine because, "Why not?"

HA! I wanna be like that when I'm older.

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