Sunday, February 8, 2015

A "Black" Sort of Week.

Hah.. This is gonna be fun.

Hi family and friends! I hope you are all doing really well!

My companion has spent the last 2 days trying to convince me that hippos can run over 50km/hr.  I've informed him time and time again that legs like that don't run, and that maybe they can roll that fast.

Amongst other things in relation to fun times, we has a Branch Talent Show!  *cheers*  And the missionaries got to take a small part in it.  We were amazed by the incredible talent of the branch members!  One of them paints almost as well as Alyssa does, and she had some pretty cool portraits that she had done on display.  Another woman is a great seamstress, and has stitched countless "wishiwanka" patterns, some of them even themed after Christ.  An investigator played his bass guitar while the sisters accompanied him on the piano and a recorder.  We sang Amazing Grace as a district with the Dragoon Guard bagpipes playing in the background.  We had a skit where we had to "be our companions arms" and do the 3 bears skit (You know, with goldilocks or whatever her name is...)  and it was hilarious.  I got to be the arms thankfully... and my massive companion was the baby bear.  HA!  Our investigator Yaroslav came, and he loved it!  I was way happy to see our investigator having a good time, and getting to know the members.

Finally, we had one last act...
Brother Yehorov and I sang a song called 'Чорний Кадилак" By a group called Dzidzo.  It translates as "Black Caddilac" (or however you call that car).  Look it up.  It's pretty awesome.  I haven't seen the music video though, so you might just want to listen to the song.  No swears, promise *cross my heart* (hope to move on to the spirit world).

Then, we went to Ternopil.  That was pretty cool.  We met with two of our student members there from Africa.  So.... two awesome black guys basically.  They sang like gospel singers, conducted the meeting like it was general conference, and blessed the sacrament like pros.  It was so awesome!  We need to open Ternopil for full time missionaries sometime.... maybe when we have more than 36 missionaries throughout the whole western Ukraine...

And... I'm finally getting my black suit dry-cleaned for the first time at a real dry-cleaning place.  Those actually exist in this city!  Whowzers.

I would send you pictures, but I'm in one of those internet clubs where pictures don't work... later I'll send you a sweet shot with "mah bruthus".

Well, keep your prayers going for Volodya and Yaroslav.  Pray for our missionaries and the country of Ukraine.  Hopefully things will get a bit more 'missionary friendly' round these parts.

Love you all very much!

Elder LeBaron

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