Sunday, February 8, 2015

Another Email

Hey everyone!
So, this week, we've had a lot of fun.  My companion and I are really just loving working, learning, practicing, and teaching together.  The Branch here is very supportive and loving.  The members love to help out, and are always pleased to be part of Missionary work.  I don't think there much more a missionary could ask for.
I'm feeling pretty good. 
Our investigator pool is growing!
We have a new family to teach, and we're going to them on Wednesday!
We had a great conference on Thursday, and we talked about the importance of preparing for the sacrament, budgeting your money, and always working on self improvement.  It was really great, and I loved the spirit that was present in the room the entire time.
Just remember that family is very important!  Do family home evening weekly, take care of eachother, and try your best to help all of our brothers and sisters everywhere find their way back home.  
I love you all!
Have a good week!

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