Sunday, February 8, 2015

Fun Tours

So, we had a crazy adventure this week....
Actually, a lot.
I'm really good at getting lost in this big city.
Basically, we have this potential investigator who likes to take us around the city and show us things like;  A big old church, the oldest pharmacy in Ukraine, and much more!
So that was pretty darn cool.

We have a new investigator names Yaroslav.  He's praying about the decision to be baptized.  He wants to wait until he knows the members of the church a little bit better before he jumps aboard.  It's cool though, because he needs to come to church 5 times at least anyway.  He's got this "how to become a member" thing figured out!
We had a Sunday School class that I got to help teach and translate, and it was AWESOME.  Brother Yehorov taught the most of the lesson, and then had me come up in the middle of trying to explain everything to the senior couple... and had me testify of Christ.  It was so great!  The room was silent, and some people even cried.  The lesson just was incredible!  Yaroslav loved it!  It was SO SO Good!
So things are going good.
I'm gonna attach some pictures.
To help you out, the word on the bench is just an adjective for things that are from L'viv... like me.  I am a L'viv missionary *Wink*.
Love ya all!

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