Monday, June 22, 2015

Another Week in Chernivtsi

Indeed, It has been another one of those weeks.

We're not doing a whole lot of new stuff here, but we're seeing a lot of success in our district, and things are going pretty well!  The mission is taking off.  As far as numbers go, we're reaching record highs, and we have marginally less missionaries than we've ever had before.  We found more new investigators as a mission than we actually have MISSIONARIES this last week.  Member present lessons have been soaring. 

Baptisms are on the way.  There are supposed to be at least 2 in our area this next week.
All of this is a HUGE blessing from Heavenly Father.  

The most important part?  More people are finding joy and peace through the Gospel, and that's what matters the very most.

Today, I'm actually pretty exhuasted. 
Don't know why.

We went on splits yesterday with the branch members to go and do home teaching, and it was a blast!  We had SO MANY good moments, and I got to go with Edik, one of my favorite members here in the branch.  He's our Elder's quorum president, branch clerk, and one of the leaders of the mission youth council.  He's also younger than I am!  Great guy.

We had a killer young mens activity where we played ping-pong and ate pizza and all sorts of great things.

Loved it.

I love you all a lot!
Take care of yourselves!

Elder LeBaron

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