Monday, June 22, 2015

There, Back Again.

We worked really hard on monday and tuesday this last week.
Then, we went to L'viv.  We rode a bus for 8 1/2 hours... and it was not my favorite thing in the whole world.  
Our conference was SWEET.
And then we came back and worked really hard again.

And the best part about all of this is that God is BLESSING US SO MUCH.  Even though I don't think I'm working hard enough,  Heavenly Father is just RAINING  down blessings.  I guess that's just part of the work.  You try your best to give 100% of what you can... and then when you finally reach it, your capacity to work is increased, and what was once 100% is now 98%.  Now you have to buck up and build yourself some more.  The Atonement is way cool like that.  It builds you and builds you, continuously.  Repentance is sweet.

Volodymyr is doing pretty well, but he really needs to get into a doctor... because every time we talk about going to the temple in Kiev, he says, "I'd love to go... I just need to be able to walk further than from my house to the church first...".  It's kind of tough when you've got serious medical issues.  He needs to exercise his faith and get into a doctor already.

Hitesh finally came to church and he loved it.  We had a lesson afterwards where we had Sister Lewis help us out (she came back to visit) and her whole family was present on the lesson.  He's a great guy, and he's very excited for his baptismal date on the 20th.

Kolya and his Sister and Mother are all coming to family night at the branch president's place with us tonight!  It's going to be a blast!   He's also progressing towards baptism, and his date is also the 20th.

It's interesting how all of this can be happening, because I feel like I'm super small in comparison to the work that I'm asked to do.  That's actually true, because God does most of the work, and I feel like the little kid who's following his Dad around while everything is getting fixed and built, and I'm just carrying the box of screws for him... and he's the one who handed me all the screws in the first place. 

Well, we just try to be the best little helpers we can!

This week was fun, and we were incredibly busy.  

Our zone surpassed all of the goals that got set for us.  Everyone was amazed, and we're all really excited for the direction that the work seems to be going in.  It's really great!

There's one city (Uzhorod), where they have almost as many baptismal dates as they have members!  (10 dates!)

In Lutsk, they found over 24 new investigators last week.  (There's only 2 companionships there) That'll keep them busy for quite a while.

It's all going very well.

I'm glad to be a part of the best mission in the world!


Talk to you all next week!
Love ya!

Pictures: Cutting grass like a real Ukrainian
Cleans mouths and hearts too.
Ran into a fence and sports day and bruised my ear.  HA.

Elder LeBaron

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