Monday, June 22, 2015

Bright Week Ahead!

This is going to be the best week ever.

We've got one official week left for working in our area this transfer-- and it's THIS WEEK.  How are we going to maximize this week to do awesome things!?  Well, let me tell you right now what's going on so you can get a good picture of what's in store for us here in Chernivtsi;

1) We have a baptism planned for Saturday!  Kolya is going to be baptized!! YEAH!  He's such a great kid.  15 years old, and he's basically the man in his house.  It's going to be a huge blessing to his family when he's a priesthood holder and continues to practice the proper principles of service and teaching in the home.  I love that we get to teach the 5th lesson as missionaries now!  I get to talk about temples so much more often!  It was wonderful to share with Kolya the miracle that we have temples and the sealing power of the priesthood!  We hope that his mother will accept the lessons soon, and that his little sister sofia can grow up with the blessings of the gospel in her home as well!

2) We've got exchanges on the table for wednesday and thursday!  We're not just going to maximize our area-- we're going to work the devil out of EVERY AREA in our district!  We've got 4 good elders in this city, and 2 incredible sisters.  This is a district built for success and service, and I love each and every one of them.  We hope to have lots of meetings, find lots of new people, and have lots of fun together as a district!  This is what makes the work lots of fun!

3)  It's been raining every single day.  It's so humid.  Interesting weather makes for interesting days.  So, because of the weather, it's going to be an interesting week.  It's definitely not going to be boring! 

Next week, we're having a big Transfers/Mission Conference Palooza, and President already told me that they're going to tear me away from beautiful Chernivtsi.... *sigh*

Or, maybe they'll rethink that whole silly notion, and let me serve the last 6 months of my mission HERE.  Hey, there's a good idea!  Anyway, I know my transfer already... but I'm not going to tell anyone, not even YOU until it's for sure.  I'm going to pretend like I'm staying here!

I'm getting pretty tan.  Lots of morning service projects in big old gardens.  Weeds are evil.  Lyssa, when I get back, I'm going to have no problem with this.  When was the last time ya'll spent 3 hours hoeing up the weeds out of your big ol' corn field?  I did it on Saturday.
Then we had our 3 our sports day.  I'm starting to look like Elder Gonzalez!  (Not really.  Elder Gonzalez is turning black.)
Plus, cleaning up the church!

Maybe you haven't noticed, but I'm pretty pumped today.  Probably because it's raining really hard, and I have to be really internally motivated to get out of the comfy building that I'm in and fight through the rainstorm.  
Whatever it is, it's a gift from Heavenly Father to be in love with your life.  

I love my mission so much.
Everyone take care of yourselves!
Don't forget to say your prayers and read your scriptures every day!
Sabbath Observance every sunday!
Family home evening -- Get on it!
These little things make us close to each other, and to the Saviour. 

It'll make us happy!

Elder LeBaron

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