Monday, August 17, 2015

How to not be trunky -- A traveler's tale.


Today, we have 4 of my favorite missionaries leaving...
And I'm going with them to the airport to say goodbye. One of them is my companion, Elder Salamatin.  

It feels like I'm going home.
But I'm not.

Since we just need to make the best of our circumstances, I've come up with some ways to AVOID TRUNKINESS.

1) Study your scriptures as though you will never see them again if you put them down!  
2) Bear your testimony ALL THE TIME!
3) Eat well, sleep well, and enjoy your life.
4) Never say, "Man, when I get home..."
5) Pray for strength to focus on what's important
6) Remember that you still have lots of time, and that it's all really valuable!
As I've been trying to follow each of these goals, I'm keeping myself from going crazy. 

I'm going to be following Elder Plaster (our local senior couple elder) and President Rizley for the next two days...  No companion till wednesday.

Life is weird.
But it's pretty cool.

There are really big changes coming, and I'm certain that they will lead to make these next couple of transfers AWESOME!!!

I'm very positive for the future here!

I love you all!
We are eating really well, so I'll attach pictures.

I guess I'll talk to you next week.
​See ya!​

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