Monday, August 17, 2015

Chess and Check-ups

Honestly, I'm really hungry right now, because we haven't gotten lunch yet.
That may influence some of the things I write.  Apologies before hand.

This week was kind of a bust as far as our numbers go.  We've had an interesting situation with the fact that Elder Podvodov is going in for an inevitable surgery sometime this week, and is going to need to be babysat for at least one more week.  That makes things a bit difficult for our distrit's numbers.  The hardest part is having 4 elders in 1 apartment.  We've just been trying to take shifts with him.  In the evening times, we take turns playing him in chess. But hey, it's only going to get better when we get the Zone Leaders up here on wednesday and thursday!  We're going to hit the streets hard (finally) and get a'preachin'!  

Missionary work is awesome.  Somedays, it's sad because I feel like we don't get enough done.
But it's okay!  We just do what we're asked and we dig in wherever we can in whatever way we can to help the work go foreward!  Ultimately, it's Heavenly Father who makes everything work out.  My testimony of that was built today by this little article in our mission news letter!  I'll just share it with you:

Elder Hubbert

The longer I am on my mission the more I discover that this is the Lords work and not my own. The story of Roman goes all the way back to May. His journey from that point until now took many steps and involved different companionships, united districts, and a loving and welcoming Branch. It was Elders LeBaron and Трохименко who found Roman one day by the church. They did exactly what we need to do as missionaries, they invited him to see the church, gave him a tour and took his number. At that time they didn't realize what impact they had just made on this man's life. Several months passed and transfers came and went. This whole time they continued to try to call Roman but he could not meet. Soon it was Elder Hubbert and Трохименко working in the area. Elder Трохименко one day was cleaning the area book and came to Roman's number. At this point Roman had given enough excuses and missed calls to be moved to the "excuses" page in the area book, but he decided to call one last time before moving his number. The call was worth it, Roman was able to meet. Elder Hubbert and Трохименко met him at the church and it was one of the best first lessons that they had ever had. Roman was a man who was ready to receive truth, he accepted all of the commitments to the first lesson, gave comments and even accepted a baptismal date in the end. Over the next three weeks the missionaries continued to prepare him for that date. Every time a commitment was extended he willingly accepted it. When it came to the word of wisdom he had been smoking, but we showed him the 15 steps program and offered any other help that we could extend. The next time we talked with him he said that he had stopped smoking. The success of his baptism was his own. He quickly developed the desire and was willing to act. He also had great support from the members in the branch. On most of the lessons there was at least one member present, and a few times we would be getting ready to begin a lesson and more members would show up to the church and join in. Roman quickly made friends and was welcomed into the church. With each lesson that lead to the baptism the district of missionaries also worked together either welcoming him in, being present on lessons through exchanges, or just making sure he felt a part of the branch. A final miracle came the day of the baptism. In the days before the event a pool was reserved, and people were invited to come, but there was a problem: Roman's phone was turned off and no one could get in contact with him. So everyone knew the time of the baptism except the person being baptized. After doing everything that we could as a district the baptism was actually canceled the day before simply because we couldn't get in contact with Roman. Then after much prayer, the morning of the baptism his phone turned back on and even though he didn't know the original time, he could still be baptized then. So once more we contacted all we could, uncanceled the baptism, and still had it on Friday. On that day, August 14th, Roman was baptized by a great member here in the branch Віталій Серафім.

This is a huge testimony builder for me, that no matter where you are, as long as you dedicate yourself to serving and doing what you know is best,  the Lord will use your efforts for the building of his Kingdom!
Everyone can take part in amazing things! Even if it's just a little one :)

Have a great week everyone!
I hope that you will see the miracles that you are, or have been, a part of making this week!

Love you all a lot!
Take care!

Elder LeBaron

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