Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Today, is the day of Independence of Ukraine.
We will have a fun activity.  I will be singing as song called
О соловію!
You can look it up if you would like.

This week was really crazy.  Most of the things that happened were involved with the nature of my calling, and I'm not allowed to talk about the details.  Shortly said, it was really fun! 
We had the Zone Leaders in for exchanges.... and they went really fun.  We talked with a really nice monk!  I had a picture with him... but It's not with me now, so I'm going to have to send it next week.
He took a book of Mormon, and he gave us a protestant copy of the new testament.  Interesting trade off.

Today, we have one more missionary going home from his mission.  It's the saddest thing in the world.  I don't like it... except for going out to eat dinner with them, and leech off as much good advice and inspiration as you can, it's a pretty melancholy affair.

I'm feeling pretty good, but It's taking a lot of mental effort not to fall into the trap of feeling like "It's almost done, so I'll just ride it out".  That's just the honest truth.  Working hard is an important piece in that formula.  I will not become a trunky monster.  No sir.  No matter how much my brain wants me to.

Meanwhile, we're having a lot of fun doing training excercises, exchanges, and planning out how to help the mission take a big leap forward in accomplishing the will of Heavenly Father in this special little piece of the world!

This mission is the most incredible thing that ever happened to me.   Though I know that we are here to bless people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I feel like it's had an especially potent effect on my heart.  I love my misison!

I've got just enough time left to make the most of myself, and to really crank out some worthwhile service.

I pray for many of you by name.
I think the world of you, and desire you all of the best.
God loves you all, and I know that's true.

Have a wonderful week!

Elder LeBaron

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