Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My One True Love

No... We didn't get transfer calls.
We just spent the WHOLE WEEK training new trainers and their trainees, and it was a BLAST!!! I love training so much, and it was like Christmas for me to have many classroom and field practice sessions with our 6 new Elders and Sisters, and also get to work with their Trainers, who are all great missionaries who I respect and love.

One whole week of that...
That's better than Disneyland, people!

The only issue behind that is that with the first trial of our program, we spent a lot of time in the classroom, which meant that we didn't get to go and work on our area very much.

Well, throughout the day, I was saying a little prayer in my heart that Heavenly Father would bless us to have opportunities to still be missionaries and do what we could to build the Kingdom in all the spheres that we are responsible for!

And then a miracles happened, because Heavenly Father loves his children.

A returned sister from our mission met a returned missionary from the Moscow, Russia mission.  That sister found out that this young man had taught a fellow named Erlan, who moved from Moscow to L'viv, Ukraine, and she gave my contact information to that young man.  The returned missionary sent me an email with Erlan's phone number, and we contacted him and met yesterday!

So, in a really complex and incredible way, because everyone was focused on the good of others, we are going to be teaching Erlan now!

He's a really nice kid who's in university.  He's studying German and English language here, and is also a really great artist.  We had our first meeting just recently, and we're excited to get to work on teaching him soon.  We spent a long time talking and getting to know him, and we even gave him a tour of the branch building.  He really thought it was pretty and took lots of pictures of the outside of the building.  

That was my testimony builder for this week!

Things are going great here.  
I'm so glad that I'm a missionary.
There's nothing better I could be doing with this precious time.

I hope you all know that God loves you, and he's watching us all very carefully.
Read your scriptures,
Say your prayers,
Go to church,
and seek Heavenly Father's will!

Everything will work out just fine!

-- Elder LeBaron

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