Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The last week of the craziest transfer.


Sometimes, that is the greatest miracle of my weeks.
This week especially!

The story of this week begins like this:

Just as he had recovered from his rolled ankle, my companion got a crazy flu or some sort of infection.  At first, I thought that it wasn't that big of a deal, so we just had him take a little nap and got to work.  We don't usually have a whole lot of time to sit still, especially the week before our transfers, so we were running around all over the place.  Well, by the time night swung around, he had a temperature of 103*F... which is not good.  So, he went with another Elder to the hospital, and I took the other office Elder to go and finish up some of our chores.
Things that are adding to the craziness:
The Rivne Missionaries have been up here since the incident, and so we've been having to coordinate the sickies and the beaten up ones to hospital appointments, back to their apartments, and making sure that there is enough for them to eat (Elders eat so much food... it's crazy... what's wrong with us??)
Not to mention that we're trying to organize a week-long training program for the new missionaries coming in on Wednesday.   Without my companion in a sound state of mind, it has been near impossible to put together the curriculum that we're in charge of teaching.  With a bit of push and some fierce determination, we've managed to pull all of that together.

I ended up in the office elders apartment on unplanned exchanges around 3 times this week.  

We're organizing all of the travel for almost the entire mission to have the biggest transfer since last may.

We have two missionaries going home, and have stacks of protocol that needs to be gone through before they take off.

We went to find a new apartment in L'viv for the sisters, and Heavenly Father so loves us that He provided a really nice one in a matter of 3 days!  But, it's on the OTHER side of the city... and so that means a lot more running, calling, and in dire situations, taxis.  

I was sitting at the point of just sitting down and saying, "Okay, I'm way too tired for all of this.  I'm done.  I'm dropping all of this and just going out contacting!" 

I've had this over-looming feeling that everything is being held together by a little thread.  

But after pondering it a bit, I realized something;

That's only if I'm counting my own strength.

With prayer, and with faith in God, I've seen miracles begin to happen in our mission!  

Khmelnitsky just had 4 baptisms in the course of 2 weeks!  It was awesome!  We only have 3 missionaries in that whole city.  

The Lord is doing his work, and we are so blessed to be a part of it.

At the end of this week, I realized that the true miracle isn't that "While juggling all of this, I managed to keep all the balls in the air!" It's more like this -- 
"God loves us so much, that he not only helps everything to work out, but He lets us have the opportunity to help in his service to all".

​All I can figure is this:

God loves me, and He is trying to teach me humility in every shape and form it comes in.  I'm now excited for this, the more I think about it.  It will probably take my entire life, but it's going to be a long journey!   
My whole mission seems to have a reoccurring theme: Remembering that without God, we are nothing. With him, we can do anything!
I love the ennobling power of the atonement of Christ.  I'm proud in my God who has all power to make me into someone of great worth.  

I hope that this week, there will be even more trials, and just as many successes!

I love you all, and I'm thankful for the support you provide for me.  You are heaven sent my friends.

We've got to make the most of the time the Lord has provided for us!
Let's joyfully take our posts!

Elder Le Baron 

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