Wednesday, October 14, 2015



There's not much to talk about this week, because it's been focused on one thing;
New missionaries!

President Rizley is very focused on making sure that these missionaries are trained to bring a new life into the mission, and to keep the work going strong.  That in mind, we now have implemented a week long training program for the trainees and their trainers.  
So we've been spending most of our time preparing for this massive training program.  It's an interesting feeling, because it's not the kind of missionary work that I'm used to, but it's what we've been asked to do.  I enjoy teaching, discussing, and planning with these six new Elders and Sisters.  This entire week until Friday will be the "Synthesis Week" for them, and so we will have nothing else to do but teach them almost all morning and afternoon, send them out with their trainers, review the teaching with President, and when they come back in,  review how their proselyting time went.   It's the first time they've ever done something like this before out here, and it's mostly to help the missionaries develop the skills they need in the Ukrainian language before throwing them out into the water to try not to drown.  
It should supposedly prevent missionaries from going home caused by severe stress also. (not that that's ever happened before in the history of our mission, as President Rizley informed me).

My companion has now infected the mission with his cold, and even President Rizley and Elder Plaster have caught his bug.  Now, nobody will touch him.  Poor Elder...  I gave him a hug yesterday, since no one will shake his sickie hand.

We did get to stop by an almost non-active older woman in the branch on Sunday with the Branch President.  She planned to make us lunch, but she felt not super great when we first got over... so what did we do?  My companion got himself an apron, cut the bread, made the sandwiches, and stirred the soup.  What did I do?  I took pictures for you to enjoy.  I also might have helped a tiny bit.  Hope he doesn't get her sick... now that I'm looking back at this...
The plan was to help her set a goal to go to the temple, but she's gotten to a point where she just wants Elders to come over and help her feel the spirit in her home and to give her the sacrament.   We're going to keep trying to help her to see the benefit and blessings that come from temple attendance by teaching her more about it at home.  There's a big push in the branch right now to get all of the less-actives to be signed up for the next big temple trip in October.  We're praying for great results!

​I know that this Church is true!  If we will have charity towards one another, God can accomplish miracles for all of his children as we diligently strive to BE that miracle for others!  I love this gospel, and I know that Heavenly Father loves each of us.

My beautiful companion
Our last district meeting this transfer
The Clinger family (americans in a Ukrainian habitat).​

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