Thursday, November 19, 2015

Do you have ears??

It's been a hilariously wonderful week.  I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.

The best thing about this district of Elders is that everyone here is really funny.  On top of my two hilarious companions,  Elder Ferbey and Elder Hubbert add a unique flavor to this district.  We were standing at a bus-stop waiting to go the Branch President's for family night, and Elder Hubbert is explaining some joke... and my new Ukrainian companion is listening as intently as he can.  Finally, after looking at Elder Hryshanovs confused look of disgust for a good couple of minutes, Elder Hubbert stops his story, and yells (people don't yell in Ukraine unless they're drunk)  "Чи.... у тебе.... ВУХА??". (Do you have ears?)  It went silent on the street, and then EVERYONE bust out laughing.  We had several people come up to us just to talk about they're lives and "meet the funny american".  Not very tactful finding, but it worked.  Well done Elder Hubbert.

We've mostly been trying to work with our awesome group of English students!  We had 3 of them come to church on sunday!  One of them invited me to go work out at the gym with him sometime during the week...  actually, he invited me right after Sacrament meeting, but I told him that we had a great lesson that we were planning on staying for.  Cool guy -- his name is Vadym.

Then, we had a dating couple -- Katya and Kolya.  The class in second hour was pretty much flat lining... Elder Ferby only had 10 minutes to scramble a lesson together, and it was about a couple of chapters in acts.  The members were not really helping us keep the conversation lively... things were looking bleak.  Katya and Kolya were listening very intently the whole time we were talking about Peter taking the gospel to the gentiles, and then out of NOWHERE, Kolya bursts out all of these awesome related verses and explains God's love for all people and.... Katya just stared at him with her jaw on the floor.
"What kind of Militia officer knows the bible?"
"I studied before I joined the militia."
"How come I didn't know?"
"Cause we never talk about that kind of stuff, babe."

Good times.

I'm having a lot of fun, and really loving my time here in Khmelnistky.  It can be frustrating, because I want to do everything in my own time (which I know isn't very long).  I have reminded myself over and over this week that everything is on the Lord's timetable, because He's the ultimate planner, and sees the effects of all things that happen.  Sometimes, we just want to take things into our own hands, but then we forget that our hands are weak and imperfect.  I'm thankful for a Father in Heaven who knows everything, and whom I can trust. 

Everything will work out fine when we're on the Lord's errand, right?  I sure know so.

I hope you all have a great week!
Keep yourselves safe and happy!
Study your scriptures!  They bring peace and happiness!
Say your prayers -- God wants to hear you!
Go to Church!  It's the best!

Love you all!

Elder LeBaron

Pictures -- My companion got Israeli chocolate and coke.
me giving elder Lemons a disapproving look during planning with my kvas.
sharing cooking secrets with the Elders
I found a 5 star hotel.... kinda
We went with our english friend to the MASSIVE bazaar in town.

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