Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dear Family and Friends
Well... The Church is true.
I've had a lot of learning experience this week.  The MTC is a magical place where that happens.  I mean, of course it's not THE MISSION FIELD, but it's definitely time the Lord has set apart for me to learn.  My testimony has been sky-rocketing, and I am really starting to develop a love for my companions.  I'm honestly sad that I'm only going to have one more week with them until we are separated. 
This report is going to be short... sorry bout' that. 
Fun things that happen at the MTC;
1) We play 4-square like fiends.  Our zone is legendary... 9 weeks in the MTC will make you one wild and ferocious player.  We've developed intricate moves, and each have signature ways of playing.  It's getting ridiculous, but it make gym time something to look forward to.
2) We give service twice a week.  I cannot express the number of toilets that I have cleaned appropriately so that you can understand how sick I am of seeing porcelien.(however you spell that).  BUT, some missionary gets cleaner toilets because of that.  It does my heart good.
3) Our residence hall has developed a method of playing golf, bowling, curling, and all manner of exciting game.  This is the product of much time spent drinking and collecting milk bottles, wrapping tape balls, and slicker-ifying the floor (and stealing a broom [we'll put it back]).  Sometimes, you need to unwind on p-day, and these sports are a way of accomplishing just that.
These things are really a side-effect of being here for this long.  Staying sane in such a monotonous situation would be impossible otherwise.
Spiritual things that happen at the MTC;
I have seen more miracles in my life here than anywhere else yet.  I have learned, grown, and experienced the love of God so strongly.
I love this place... and I can't wait to get out there and share with people just how much I love this gospel.
Let me just extend a commitment;  Take this week to make your prayers a bit more sincere.  Through sincere prayer, I've managed to overcome the hardest challenges that I've ever experienced.  If you are struggling, pour out your heart to Heavenly Father.  Don't time your prayer, but REALLY get EVERYTHING OUT. 
If you've read that, you are committed.  I'm counting on you!  And Heavenly Father probably can't wait for you to talk with him.  I'll even work on this commitment with you!
I know we'll will learn something new. 
And something important.
God Loves Sharing.
Yours Truly;
Elder LeBaron

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