Monday, January 13, 2014

Hi there!

Turns out, January 7th is the day we say "зриздвом!" In Ukraine!  Obviously, I'm not IN Ukraine yet, but we did sort of celebrate it here in our class.  (Including wearing the traditional garb of... honestly I don't remember why they wear it, but it looks cool.)
The MTC rearranges the Schedules for the Elder's and Sister's here every once in awhile... and really, the only ones who are affected by it in any major way are *BUM BUM BUM!!!*  the Old folks (AKA; Missionaries learning some impossible language).  I went 9 days without a P-day.  It doesn't sound like much, but it was actually pretty tough.  Classroom everyday can get so monotonous.  Plus, this P-day, we get to go to the temple!  That's probably why it felt like it would never come.  I haven't been in so long!
Things here are going the exact same way they were before... just at different times.
We've had tons of killer devotionals, great food, fun times, and definitely some game changing - spirit growing- soul trying- experiences.   I've never been stretched so thin and upheld by the Lord in this way. 
The language is coming along well enough.  I'm learning things, and I know that the Lord gives unto us the knowledge we need when we need it... as long as you're studying your brains out.  I think I studied my brains out already.  I've got to be stuffing information into my soul by now...  cause there's no more room in my brain.  I'm exhausted most days, but I'm almost always smiling by the end of each of them.  It can't get much better than that.  I can wait to see what it's like in the field! 
I hope everyone is well at home! You're all great, and I appreciate every letter and email that I get!  You're all such great examples to me, and remind me that I can do this.  The faith of the saints isn't forgotten here... at the training grounds for the battlefront.  I can't wait to get to work though.  There are people to help!  There are some people out there who just need some love in their lives, and I've been building up some serious care for the people in Ukraine who I haven't even met yet.
(Attached are some pictures of our celebrations; inclusive of our makeshift christmas tree, my companions and I, my ukrainian nametag, my ENTIRE BRANCH...)
Much love,
My prayers are often in your behalf!

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