Friday, January 31, 2014

Howdy Folks!

So... Looks like we're finally at the last p-day at the MTC.
It has been hectic!

I never even knew how hard it was to get two suits dry-cleaned.  Apparently, it's like a two week job... Luckily, I planned 2 weeks ahead for this.  BAM!
I'm scheduled to ship out of here at 2:30 AM on Tuesday morning... Oh boy.
I have also become the residence hall tailor - as it pertains to buttons.  I've sewn on at least 5 different buttons that have popped off of other Elders' Suits.  I never knew my extremely limited experience with sewing would actually help anyone out here.  Good thing Mom taught me how to sew my merit badge on!

Sometimes, I'm convinced that my MTC emails are super interesting.  Then I go through and read them again, and I realize that I just spent a paragraph talking about buttons.  Are you asleep yet?

We got the chance to listen to Elder Martino from the quorum of the 70.  He gave a talk about working with members.  Before you tune out by this usually off-putting topic, I will tell you that he gave us the most embracing spirit of love.  I just sat there, happy as a clam (where does that expression even come from? How to people know if clams are happy?).  He really did bring such a strong spirit, and I realized that I often disregard the administrative aspect of the Church... and only focus on spiritual matters.  Heavenly Father's is a house of order, and I think that sometimes I just forget that every rule, method, or training course put forth by the Church is through inspired leaders.  So... yeah, I suppose my invitation to all of you is this;
Next time you're thinking, "This talk does NOT apply to anything that's going on in my life... I have no idea what the point of this is.."
Remember that Heavenly Father put you where you're supposed to be, when you're supposed to be, for whatever you're supposed to DO!
So, yeah.  This talk is important... we just need to listen a little more closely and pray for the spirit to teach us whatever we're apparently missing.
I promise, as I have learned, you will learn that there's no such thing as coincidence, and everything has it's purpose.

I know this church is true!
I know that He has a purpose for us here, so that we can learn and grow in ways that only he knows how to show us!

I love you all! thanks for the support! 
My next emails should be coming from the field!  Whoa!

Yours Truly,
старійшина ЛебЕРОН

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