Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hey there family and friends!

The MTC is really starting to teach me something important.  Not to say that it hasn't been doing that already... But I'm starting to get what Heavenly Father wants me to understand here; It's all about love.

The language is the craziest thing I've ever seen or heard.
The Weeks can sometimes drag on forever, and the days can seem twice as long as the weeks sometimes (how does that even work??  MTC time fluctuations.  Ask anyone who's been here)
And I really just want to go out and start working to help real people...


It's also important to remember that nothing is given to us without having a proper foundation to receive it.  Let me explain.  This week, I started with a question - how can I have the spirit with me during lessons.  Simple enough right?  WRONG.  You don't just get answers without working for them.  I've had to go to every single one of my classes this week, listen to every word my teachers have said, study nearly for more hours than I actually sleep, and pray my heart out to feel something.  

But the answer didn't come all at once.  It came in little bits and pieces... 
My teacher says something that clicks,
I get a letter from home with encouraging words,
I read a verse that inspires me,
I get a prompting in prayer,
I get thoughts while at the temple,
I get a letter from home that helps me find a verse that helps me understand something my teacher says that helps me get those thoughts at the temple, which in turn gives me a goal of something to accomplish by the end of the week which may or may not help me find a solution at this time.  If it does, awesome!  If it doesn't work... well, time to try again, but just a little bit harder.

EVERYTHING COMES IN IT'S TIME AND ORDER.  It's crazy how I find answers to questions I didn't even know I had out here!

I bear witness to you all that the Lord will answers prayers.  Through our diligence, pondering, and sincere desire to know, Heavenly Father will give us what we need, when we need it.  He is a God of Truth.  He is a God of Love.  He's our Father.  I know it, and I love Him.  And I know we can count on Him.

In other news;

We successfully stole some of the comfiest blankets at the MTC, tell no one.  They won't notice they're gone anyway.
We found a secret room in the top floor of 11m.  It's magical. 
I'm running 2 miles every day now... and I've gained 10 pounds since being at the MTC.  I'm not even puttin' on pudge, mates!
The Elders from England in our residence hall are nutty.  They keep telling me I look like Daniel Radcliffe.  
I have less than 3 weeks until I'm in-field.
Aaaaaaaaaand the Church is true.

I love you all,
I pray for you often,
I hope to hear you're in good health,
Did I mention I love you?

Elder LeBaron

P.S. Send black licorice...  and Crystal lite.  Elder Ferbey is weird about it

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