Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dropped the Millstone

Wow.  I'm exhaustedly happy.

We've had the most CRAZY week of my life, and the week upcoming isn't going to be any more relaxed.  

So, it all starts with this little fact -- Our Branch president is an american who doesn't really understand Ukrainian all that well.  He runs the branch through a missionary, who recieves all the information, and then tells president what needs to get done, and then he deligates it where it needs to go (usually to his councilours). Elder Ballif, the 1st councilour here, has been transfered up north to Rivne, nearish to Lutsk where I was trained.  Well, I didn't really realize just how much stuff Elder Ballif did here... but about an hour before he got on his train to leave, I got an impressive list of responsibilities via phonecalls. I am officially the 1st councilour now. I won't go into detail, but one of my favorites --

We have 2 elder companionships in this city.  One of the apartments is being closed due to the rent shooting up to 3x the original decision.  So, we gotta find a new apartment.  Who does that?  Well... I guess we do.  The other Elders will be gone until Friday night.  We need to find them somewhere to live soon, or else We'll have to cram 2 more elders into our tiny apartment.  But wait, that's not all!  Americans have a registration dead-line (refer to my last email), and they need to be legally registered IN THE APARTMENT where they are going to be living shortly after there arrival into the city.  This is gonna be the most exciting challenge yet.  Days of working with russian speaking arabic realators,  LET THEM BEGIN!



We nick named him Hipster Grandpa, but his real name is Viktor.  He dresses so fly, it's insane.  His date is May 10th, and he's the most sincere man I've ever met.

Pray for him!
Also pray for this area!  Lots of members need a lot of help and revelation to know what to do in there lives to get everything in order.
Chernivtsi, Ukraine.

My companion is a trooper.  His training has been an insane mess, but he's going to be one of the greatest missionaries this mission ever did see.  He's smiling and joking a lot more.  Great guy.

Love you all!
Take care, and I'll keep you in my prayers.

Elder LeBaron

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