Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Miraculous Peace

And then.... everything went still.

That's a good conclusion to the last week, honestly.
We've had the craziest of weeks, and it was honestly just over my head nuts.  I always think "this has got to be the strangest thing that I've ever done", and then lo and behold; We're running across a busy street in suits (it's freezing, and we should be in coats), carrying a big wooden table, while our favorite taxi driver is using our role of skotch tape to fix the massive hole that he just busted in his window.
Let's just say this -- we found the Elders another apartment, and it was all because of Heavenly Father.

In the morning, last monday, before we left to go write emails, we said a prayer asking Heavenly Father to help us get everything figured out so that we didn't have lots of big legal problems and two extra elders living in our little apartment with us.  
Shortly after finishing email, I got a text saying that I should call a realator.  Called her.  Bam, there was an appointment that evening to look at some apartments.  Then, of course, one of them in right in the center of the city, not far from the Elders last place (prime location), and when we ask about the price, it's way cheap.  Excellent.... but the burning question -- "Can you do registration for international attendees?"

"I don't see why not."

My jaw dropped to the floor.  It all worked out GOLDEN.
So we spent the rest of the week running around, filling our paperwork, paying out money, resolving concerns with the old apartment (still not all resolved, but it's now not my problem, so...)  And moving ALL OF THE OTHER EARTHLY POSSESIONS of the other elders, that got left behind in our apartment, to the other side of town.  

Funniest part of all of this? That's where Valeriy comes in.  Valeriy is our favorite taxi Driver.  He's always on call whenever we need help.  He's got a big taxi with lots of room.... so he became our moving crew.  It was actually pretty sweet.  The problem is that he only speaks russian, so understanding him is hit and miss.  As we were loading one of the desks into the back of his van, he's looking at it and saying "IT FITS, IT FITS!  JUST CLOSE THE DOOR!"  and we're saying "NO! It needs to be moved around a bit!"
So, in his impatience, he grabs the back door, and slams it shut.  KERPLOW!! He busts a MASSIVE hole in the middle of his back window.  He picked a few select words in russian. and then, "Yeah, we should probably move that around a bit."

But everything worked out with that!

Problem; Our investigator put us on hold until after easter.... (That's next sunday in this country).  So our only investigator is out of the game for a week.

The 4 people who promised to come to church independant of our investigator were all no-shows.... again, bummer.

BUT --- that just means that we'll do the same thing this week that we did last week -  Work hard, pray and seek out miracles.

I just want to testify really quick about the power of fasting.  I've had a lot of weaknesses become very evident to me recently.  It's always hard to feel weak, but Heavenly Father intends for these times to be moments of decisions for us; to become stronger.  (Ether 12:27).  So, I fasted.  And what happened?  No.  I didn't just become perfect.  No, all of my problems didn't dissapear.  What happened was that I recieved an incredibly peaceful spirit, and an assurance that everything would be alright.  I felt happy and excited to work.  I felt renewed.  That is one of the many powers of the fast.  
People were fasted for.  Goals were fasted for.  Inspiriation was sought through fast.  I feel so blessed that we have such a great teaching and gift in our church.  Fasting is Rejoicing! (D&C 59:14).

I love you all very much!

Have a grand week!

Elder LeBaron

(Our crazy house for 3 days...  the Chernivtsi Crew)

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