Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sad to go, Glad to do.

Well, I'm leaving L'viv.
I love this city.  It's pretty darn awesome here.
Mostly because of my two super awesome Companions, Elders Shnyriov and Romanov. 
L'viv has had consecutive baptisms every week for the past month.
This area is booming.
I love being a part of this branch!
Elder Romanov is getting taken off tomorrow to Khmelnitsky with my trainer, Elder Peterson, and his other Trainee, Elder Hunt.  They'll be in a trio.  I'm leaving on thursday after the Trainers Meeting to Chernivtsi with my new trainee (They switched the elder that I would be getting, due to circumstances of.... well, circumstances), and so now I'm getting another elder from good old KIEV!  I've got so many friends from Kiev now, it's ridiculous.  That leaves Elder Shnyriov here as DISTRICT LEADER! He speaks english well enough to be a the Ukraininan district leader in a district completely filled with americans.  He's a champ. He'll be with my most FAVORITE MTC companion, Elder Newton.  It's gonna be fun here haha.
Second round of training? Here we go!  I'm pumped! 
Training is the coolest.  It's so much fun.

I'm getting to open up a new area in Chernivtsi.  I'm actually reopenning an old area, but they've already taken all the old potentials and former investigators into the other area... so I'm probably going to be starting from scratch with my new buddy.  That's almost unheard of in our mission, but I'm way stoked about it.  STREET TEACHING ALL OF THE DAYS!
On an even brighter note, I bought a  dark brown european suit today for less than 3 dollars.  Ukraine is awesome, people.
Moving onward, I'd like to let you all know something-- The scriptures are AWESOME.
I've had this crazy question from the beginning of my mission about the prophecies of Ezekial and Jeremiah... why so long? Because there's more important things to be studying.  I remember saying a prayer or two pretty sincerely, hoping for some help, but nothing seemed to work out.  Then, today, I was planning a spiritual thought for district meeting, not even focused on that topic... and then everything just made so much sense.  And I was reading D&C!  People, the scriptures are the word of God, and they work SO WELL TOGETHER!  Studying is probably one of my favorite parts of the day! (Okay, I like almost every part of the day, but study time is special).  So, get your books out, grab a marking pencil and study notebook, and dive in with a prayer.  I promise that you will not be dissapointed if you embark to learn something new.  Have lots of questions, and Heavenly Father will give you lots of answers!  This life is cool, because we get to spend the whole time learning!
I love you all a WHOLE LOT!
I hope you have a good week, and really get something out of your studies!
Much love,
Elder LeBaron

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