Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I don't even know.

I can't remember what happened this last week right now...

Because I Skyped with my family, and my brain melted into goo.  
It was awesome, and I love my family a whole lot, but it takes me a while to readjust my mind to be focused on missionary work.  I'll be back into it by the time we're out on the streets later today, I'm sure. 

We were working pretty hard this past week, with a lot of administrative responsibilities here in the branch.  One of those was our crazy adventure where a member called us to inform us that he was dying of asthma, and needed our help to by an inhaler before he died.  After stopping by 3 different pharmacies at a rapid pace, we met him at the bustop.  He LITERALLY looked like he was going to die.  Nuts... 
We stood there awkwardly with him for a good 5 minutes after he took a little feeble huff of the inhaler, and he breathes out finally,
"It.... takes.... a second...."

Crazy nonsense.  Not to mention that literally 20 minutes before this, we had a not totally sound member come in and start hysterically ranting about a million different unrelated things....  and finally, amongst all of the hubbub and after 15 minutes of straight ranting, we finally just ask "What do you need?" --- "Oh, I was wondering if you could say a prayer with me and give me a blessing".   

Erhm... okay, great. Done.

Leaving us 5 minutes to find an inhaler and BOOK IT to the bus station.  President Hawkins may be almost 70, but the guy can move.  Keep yourselves in good shape kids.

Oh, and we also went up to Ivano Frankivsk for zone training on Thursday.... so... one more day of training in another city....
Meaning one more train...
Woo hoo!

We had an awesome experience just before I skyped home, where an Indian student here came into the church and asked if he could start having lessons again.  Uh.  Yes.  Definitely, yes.  He had been in India for the past year with his family, and just returned to Ukraine this past little bit.  He was walking down the street, and felt impressed to walk into the building.  Our building is actually being remodeled externally, and so it looks like the building is closed.  He said that he thought again, and decided that maybe he should just keep walking, but he felt so strongly to come in, that he ignored the scaffolding and mess and just got all the way to the door.  We're going to have a lesson with him tonight.

Also, walking down the street today to stop by the bank to drop off tithing, we met a man not far from the branch building.  We invited him in, and we took a tour with us.  His name is Roman, and he's stoked to learn a few more things.  He said that he wants to come on sunday and see how the meetings are run here. As you wish, my good sir.

Then, we have Volodymyr,  who is getting baptized on SATURDAY!!! AW YEAH!  He's a great man.  He's very humble, understanding, and tries his best to do what is right.  Exactly the kind of priesthood holders that we are looking for in this branch.  He's been investigating for a long time, and he's finally going to get baptized.  He's just way excited.   
We tried so hard to convince him to pick a member to baptize him.... but he picked a missionary instead.  Luckily, he picked members to take a big role in his baptism, and he's on the path to becoming a vital part of this branch.  I love this guy!

So, the work is going better suddenly.  I think that this will be another very busy transfer here in Chernivtsi.  We'll just take it one day at a time, and do our very best.  The Lord will make up the rest.  That's what I've seen on my mission most of all -- The Lord supports his sons and daughters who are trying to do right.  OR, as nephi says it,
"...And he loveth those who will have him to be their God."
Having him to be our God just means that we will follow his commandments, do our best, repent when we're wrong, and keep moving forward.
So, it doesn't matter that we're weak.  It doesn't matter that we're small.  God loves every single on of his children who just try their best!  He loves them all!

I love you all, and I'm appreciative of your support of the missionaries!

Keep your eyes on heaven!
Keep your hearts in prayer!
Because God will always listen,
and I know He'll always care!

Have a great week!

Elder LeBaron 

----- Sweet sunset.... next to the orthodox church
----- Sick of trains... Going back to my nap
----- Water made in CHERNIVTSI!

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