Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Klebingat Returns

Yeah, he came back.  We had a 5 days in L'viv because of it.  It was like going home! I felt like I'd just been on vacation in Chernivtsi!

I had a personal interview with him, and it was a completely different experience than the last time I talked with him.  He was very complimentary, and it threw me off-guard.  I've still got a bazillion things to work on.  1 year on a mission left? That's not NEARLY enough time.

I got to visit one of my favorite members while I was there, Brother Yurie Yehorov.  He's great.  He'd been having a hard time, and when I got to his work (surprise!) He was way excited to see me.  We hugged, we sat and talked, and we invited him to the all mission conference the next day with president kelbingat, and ALL OF THE MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH FROM WESTER UKRAINE!  He had some problems recently with the leadership in the branch, and was really hesitant.  
He ended up coming, and it was awesome!
I also got to see my favorite members from L'viv, Lutsk, and Ivano- Frankivsk.
I slept in an apartment where we crammed 14 elders all together.  It was nuts.  1 shower = getting up at 4am to get all the showers in on time.  I slept in the same room as my MTC comps, Elder Ferbey and Newton.  It was awesome.  We caught up, and talked about how much the mission has changed things for us.  It's such a huge blesing that I can be here.  I love my mission so much.

We're having some miracles in our area, and it's finally starting to look like we might be breaking the surface of the problems that we've had in this mission for the past year. Missionaries are getting braver, people are starting to open up, and the work of the Lord is starting to make it's way through the ashes of the mess that Satan powdered this part of the world with.  
We'll keep working hard, and never give up.  Someday soon, there will be countless numbers of saints here in western Ukraine.  We just need to trust in the Lord's Timing. 

I'll send lots of pictures next week!
I forgot my flash thingy.  Sorry...

I love you all very much! Take care of yourselves, and let me know if there's anything I can pray for specifically.   Prayers can never be too long, people!

​Much Love,
Elder LeBaron​

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