Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Things are going okay.

It's kind of slow going, but things are pleasant here.
It was easter this week!  That basically means that the missionaries get nothing done, because everyone collects together and drinks and well... we don't get a lot of communicating and finding done...

And today, everything is closed, and people have hangovers.  Most of them are pretty grumpy, not sure why~ ha!

You know, I'm surprised by the fact that we've gone this long without a single serious investigator.  It's been about 7 weeks.  Is that hard?  Yeah.  Does that mean that I'm not learning anything?  Nope.  I'm learning lots of things.

Thing 1)  Patience with the Lord's timing means that you KEEP DOING everything that you're supposed to do, even when you don't recieve the blessings that you think ought to occur.

Thing 2)  Miracles only come when God wants them to happen.  Although, we can pray with all of our heard, might, mind and strength, and expect that Heavenly Father always fulfills his promises.

Thing 3)  You've just got to love what you're doing and keep yourself looking at the bright-side of things.  

​Thing 4)  Personal progress in this life ​doesn't stop because you're not seeing "success".  In fact, the progress you gain when you struggle through something might actually just be the success that you need!

Thing 5)  The Lord's ways are higher;  and that's okay.  Just trust him and love him and everyone else.  Enjoy life.

I love my mission!  It's exactly what I need.

Weird stuff of the week?
We're animal-sitting our landlady's freaky bald cat.  It's pretty sweet.  Obviously, we can't have the thing in our apartment, but she gave us the keys to hers, and we're supposed to stop by at the beginning and end of each day.  Kinda weird, but interesting stuff.
Talked with a guy with only one leg yesterday.  He was kind of grim, and I decided that if I ever lose my leg, I'm going to try and be happier about it.  

Well, I think that we'll just keep on plugging along here.

I love you all!
Have a great week!

Elder LeBaron

Me and some ukrainian ribbon.  It's a sweet ribbon.

Paska -- Special easter bread that your only supposed to eat after a priest has blessed it.  So... we just kinda said a prayer and went for it.

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